Recycling Questions

What items can be recycled?

  • PlasticPET #1 plastic containers and bottles, HDPE #2 natural and colored containers and bottles, and all wide mouth plastics labeled #5. We also accept jugs, buckets, and plastic toys. Black plastic containers are NOT accepted, this item is just simply not recyclable!
  • Metal: Aluminum cans, steel cans and aerosol cans.
  • Cardboard: Old corrugated cardboard, flattened shipping/moving boxes, paperboard (ex. cereal boxes, frozen food boxes). Wax coated cardboard items like a oatmeal container are not recyclable.
  • Carton: Any types of cartons (for food, drinks, etc.).
  • Paper: Office paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, soft-cover books, catalogs, and mail/junk mail.

Recycling Tips:

  • All recyclables should be Empty, Clean, Dry and Loose – Food and moisture can ruin the Paper + Cardboard!
  • Don’t bag recyclables >> #PlasticBagProblem
  • Cardboard Boxes must be broken down and flat (preferably bundled and tied).
  • Become a Recycling Expert by joining our new Facebook Recycling Group – ThinkBeforeYouThrow

What is single stream recycling?
Single Stream Recycling is an improved system in which recyclables such as plastics, paper, cardboard, carton, and metals are put into a single recycling bin. ADSI collects those recyclables and transports them to Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) where they are sorted and processed.

Do you recycle construction debris? 

Yes! Construction Debris will be recycled at C&D facilities and require a roll-off dumpster. Construction Debris cannot be recycled in your standard trash or recycling cart. Explore our Roll Off Dumpster Service here

Do you recycle electronics?

Recycling Tip: Electronics can be donated or recycled at your next local store. For more information click here.

What cannot be recycled?

Recycle elsewhere – But NOT in your bin

  • Plastic Bags, Ziploc bags, films, and wraps – #PlasticBagProblems. Please return to your local grocery store.
  • Hazardous and E-Waste – Check with your city for recycling options.
  • Textiles – These can be reused. Please donate!
  • Batteries – Return at your local home improvement store.

NOT Recyclable – Put these items in your trash

  • Shredded Paper – Good for composting, too small to sort out at recycling facilities
  • Diapers – Yuck! Think about it…
  • Styrofoam – Not recyclable, but good for energy production.
  • Hoses and Cords – Conveyor belts and tanglers just don’t mix.

Here is our Top 10 Contaminant List 

Why is the recycling symbol on Styrofoam, Plastic coated paper or other non-recyclable products?
The recycling symbol isn’t regulated and materials like Styrofoam have very low weight and only very few places that recycle it.

Do I need to remove bottle and jar caps?

Recycling Tip: Donate bottle and jar caps to charities like the Upcycle Creative Reuse Center

Why should items be placed loosely in the bin?
Your mixed recycle bin is sorted into different categories for recycling. If you have placed items inside one another, the machines will not be able to sort them.

Why should recycling items be empty, clean and dry?
If items once contained food or liquid they must be rinsed clean and given a shake to remove the water before going into your recycle bin. Food and liquid can contaminate the materials. Extremely wet paper or cardboard products will fall apart and are marked as not recyclable.