I never received my confirmation e-mail. What do I have to do?

Double check that the confirmation e-mail did not arrive in any spam folders. Also, we suggest including the e-mail “donotreply@adsimail.com” on your safe sender’s list. Please be aware some e-mail providers may take up to an hour for this e-mail to arrive in your inbox.

In order to resend the confirmation e-mail, access My Trash Account. Prior to clicking ‘Click here to resend,’ make sure to turn off any pop-up blockers you may have on your browser. This will prevent you from being able to see the notification that your request has gone through.

Proceed to clicking the resend confirmation e-mail link. Type in your e-mail address. Make sure there are no typos. Once you select submit, a pop-up notification alert will notify you that your request is a success. If you still do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact our Customer Support Team directly.