Equipment Questions

Do I need to use American Disposal containers?
No. ADSI containers are normally supplied with service when you sign up. We offer containers with wheels and lids. If a personal container is used, it must be a 30-gallon or larger outdoor receptacle. American Disposal Services Inc. is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal containers.

Can I put my address on my equipment?
All of our carts are numbered with a serial number. We encourage our customers to record this number in a safe place should they ever need to locate a missing cart. If you prefer to label our equipment with something more customized, we request the use of material that is durable, but that can be removed (ex. mailbox letters/numbers). Paint and other permanent markings are not to be used to mark American Disposal Services equipment (ex. mailbox letters/numbers).

Can I get an additional trash or recycling container?

Residential Customers:
Additional containers are available at an extra cost. Please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Commercial Customers:
Yes. You may increase your current service at any time. Please contact for assistance.

What roll off dumpster sizes do you offer?
We offer 10, 20 and 30-yard dumpsters for temporary, long-term and permanent use. For more information click here.

Can I use my recycling cart for trash?
No. Your recycling cart is to be used for the sole purpose of collecting recyclables.